Made in the streets of Parma(traz), this is my personal homage to the wide famous cult tv series “Star Trek”. Let me share with you the story of this brand new work, if U want to hear it. After my old times friend Marco Mezzadri contacted me and asked me to paint the door of his and his girlfriend’s house with my stencils, he sent me a picture of it. The round shape on top of it inspired me right away to create something sci-fi looking, then browsing through his Facebook posts, I did found out that he was also a fan of Star Trek…so my obvious choice became immediately a portrait of Mister Spock himself. Then, looking up at the rain drain metallic tube on the wall, I could see in my mind that matching one of the engines of the Enterprise itself, to be prepared in paper and sticked to the wall. Once I had enlarged the Enterprise to the right size of the real tube to match it, I’ve noticed that its shape became almost the same round size of the top of the door and it was also lining up with it, by coincidence. I planned to have the mail box sticking out of the forehead of Mr. Spock stencil portrait, but I didn t know that in doing so, the round shape of the keyhole was also going to be right inside his left ear, just like his radio transmitting device he sometimes wears in the famous TV Series…Also, once I positioned the WiFi signal coming out of his head to intercept with the Enterprise, to my surprise I did create a “magic” tridimensional trick effect…looking at the stencil from the front, it looks like there are two perfect matching round shapes and just half to the third one, but moving around in perspective, the symbol goes back to be three perfectly full and aligned shapes. It must be the magic of stencils and Sci-Fi meeting together…where no F CK has gone before!!!

Special thanks to Marco Mezzadri and Roberta Gabelli.

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