Parma, the city I hate the most..the city where I was born…not by choice…the city where
I have to always go back..for family reasons…it’s my temporary prison..a place where I don t fit, where I feel like a fish out of water, a place that doesn’t understand me, because I don t understand..them…the parmesans…like the name of their cheese. PARMIGIANO REGGIANO. I have made this new stencil mural for friends and owners of TRE VILLE Restaurant, Luca and Max Dall’Argine, with great pleasure. We are all going to have an official opening party with me putting my signature TAG on the wall, on the 5th of October at 8pm. Please come and join us for drinks and great food. HOSTARIA TREVILLE Via Benedetta, 99. ParmaTRAZ, Italy.

Repubblica.itGazzetta di Parma

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