David Bowie is gone and i still can’t believe it. He was my biggest hero in life in all aspects, my biggest influence and inspiration alive since when I was a young punk teenager in Parma, Italy.
This is been a terrible day for me, not a good way to start a brand new year. F CK

BOWIE and 1993! There was no way you could edit and output a video from a Mac in real time and good resolution, yet in those days…but me and that genius of David Sparrgrove were the first in the world to do it. Thanks to the introduction of Harry Marks we were able to work with the first prototypes of the RADIUS Videovison Board, so Apple asked us for a Demo Video presentation to take that year MAC WORLD at the Moscone Center in San Francisco..I’ve first asked friend Director Pierluca de Carlo for some of his beautiful footage to use, went to shoot some skating scenes down in Venice Beach in 8 mm film, plus we used the opening titles for AMERICAN GLADIATORS and ESPN2 that we’ve just finished working on with David Sparrgrove. We were only missing some great music to use as a track…The concept was that we were presenting Quick Time for the first time to the world, so immediately came to my mind one of my favorite songs of my favorit Artist of all times…TIME from DAVID BOWIE!…we put into the window of the project and the whole video editing felt right in place like magic…Apple loved it so much that they bought the right for the music for one single presentation live, and so we went to the convention with the drives, the file was huge for those days…In a very large auditorium they started with projecting that video of Steve Job where he introduced the first portable Mac to the world and then they said..And now, today, this is what we can do with a Mac for the world of Television…they showed our piece to the excited audience of Mac geeks and we had a standing ovation…everybody loved it and things were never again the same in Television. Thank U David Bowie another piece of the puzzle of your huge influence into my life! I will never forget U . F CK

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