NY Director Bill Aylward: I met Flavio Campagna Kampah (F_CK) in Los Angeles in the early 90s. He was doing stuff with Adobe Premiere no one had ever seen before!December, 2018, he was commissioned to create some murals for a soon-to-be opened pasta restaurant in lower Manhattan. Co-opting George Mendonsa’s famous image of a sailor kissing a woman at the end of WWII, Flavio replaced the woman with a bundle of fettuccine!As Flavio had never been to NYC before, I felt compelled to show him the good, the bad and the truly ugly;) After a few beers, we agreed to make a “mini-doc” about his visit and work.The restaurant, Maestro Pasta, finally opened in July and a good time was had by all. This is our story and we’re sticking to it. Directed, Shot+Cut by Bill Aylward // kampah.comfredandethel.commaestropasta.com


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