Don’t forget to check my works in Sydney on the last day of the Flight Exhibit.

Thanks to Matthew, Pierre and Sarah at Salamagundi Studios.

Saturday, July 9 · 6:00pm – 11:00pm
Salmagundi Studios
49 Bonar street
After an excellent response to last night event, the artwork will be on display for the next 3 week “by appointment” with a closing event on the 9th with a few extra surprises!
2 minutes from Wollli Creek station

“If you wanna fly, you gotta give up the shit that weighs you down.” – Toni Morrison
Do you dream of flying? When presented with the dilemma, “fight or flight”, is your first instinct to opt for the better part of valour? Have you, through necessity or expedience, had to flee a situation or locale? Do you indulge in flights of fancy? When about to embark on a flight, do feel excitement, anticipation or dread?

An obsession for artists, dreamers, visionaries and inventors throughout time, analogous for ambitions and fantasies, and now such a common practice it’s positively mundane. But next time your heading on a flight, just remember you’re sitting in a 400 tonne machine, flying through the air, 11 kilometres up in the sky, at around 900 kmh – the correct reaction is FUUCK!

Featuring Blubberbots
The Autonomous aerial creations of Jed Berk (USA)

Archival UFO Footage from:
Western Suburbs Aeronautical & Space Administration

Music and Performance

Jack Nastyface

Le Gato Gruff

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    • July 15, 2011

    Ciao K. just popping in having had my collection of F CK Works in my home for just over a week now to share my feelings on what it,s like for me to have them here in the Island of Ireland … Where to begin.. they are the first five of many ‘Original Artworks that I hope to acquire over time … My legacy to my children…though never to leave a Harnwell hand or I,ll haunt them forever 🙂 … Our wonderful shared friend Magdalena had a quote recently which sums it all up really — “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” … Another man whom I have for years have admired hugely also for me speaks volumes …The late great Mr Dennis Hopper–re: his amazing and varied collection of treasures … ‘Either I get it or I don’t”  also… a comment made by an ordinary person with regards to his love of his acquired wonderful collection of works — ‘DennisHopper.. he collects art for the right reasons: inspiration… he knows when a painting speaks to his soul because it rings as loud as a church bell… he never needs to ask why… he accepts it as Truth!… he’s plugged in… A true collector… well I am now 🙂 a total addict .. blaming you Kampah!! .. Of my five works ..My treasures …They all speak to my soul…endlessly..You know I see John 2.55 daily K. & Yes! ..I have to admit it..I,m now a total art perv…peeping in on him between patients.. He as you know ..naturally.. was created specifically for me as I told you of the huge influence that ‘Saturday Night Fever had to me in my early teens … just a huge moment & place in time … You created nothing short of ‘Total Magic on him K!! … a piece that instantly transported me back to a wonderful place in my history .. Not many artists have the power to put another into a timecapsule & teleport them through time .. You did for me K. with this.. my treasure of treasures. He is ‘ALIVE saturdays & every day for me .. and I can say with no doubt in the WWW. that I really feel heart & soul that he may be your finest piece of work to date …biast naturally 🙂 maybe you have other personal favourites … Saviano for me is very close … But this piece is like a living breathing entity … I can never thank you enough sweetheart for the feeling that he gives me… just like nothing I,d imagined possible …a constant WOW!! … each & every time I look @ him …I don,t think anything will ever surpass him for me …A wonderful gift from the Gods to be able to do that K…so if needs be bread & butter forever only way for you to go in life K! to breath deep survive!! ..from the the Inside Out….Now I,m fully aware that some may say …what an Alien creature that fairy is 🙂 … or she,s an alien fairy in love 🙂 well if I am an alien fairy…. I,m ‘The Happiest Alien Fairy that ET left behind !!… Believe it K. … and if I am in love it,s not with one man.. it,s with seven men ..and two skeletons!! … Not bad for a Irish fairy who rips off toenails for a living 🙂 … and damn right I love each & every one of them! .. They are just ‘Pure Magic! to this fairy from Ireland… A huge personal dream come true for me .. So thank you hugely K…Ireland was a land of Magic before …Your babies coming here from Italy.. from a hand to live in here in my heart have ensured that that Magic will be as bright as the sun.. and last a lifetime … and fairies live forever!!… Believe that! .. Grazie KAMPAH I <3 them all  I also feel this is the perfect home right here in this piece featuring your works having been shown in Sydney Australia recently as people both near and far I know felt just as I do about these treasures .. Inspired! ….Non c e' la Vita… Non c'è la Morte… another treasure when I needed it most ..Grazie K xx The Late Great Dennis Hopper … Who got it!!

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