One last minute instant stencil in Parmatraz for old friend Jerry Pellegrini new and vintage fashion shop’s.
Jerry is the son of the late famous Parmesan stylist Guido Pellegrini of legendary Martin Guy shop, and he has his same DNA in the blood. I wish him all the best with his already accomplished career in fashion. Special pin-up models for this, his great mom Mariola Barilli and Luca (BONGO) Corradi long time friend and my many wild adventures partner! The new shop is in the center of Parma but in a secluded area ruined by the infamous baby gangs of Parmatraz…so I’ve initially started to think of a THE USUAL SUSPECTS reference where they could also stand against the wall and take pictures of themselves as if they were being arrested…that’s when the idea of Kevin Spacey (Keyser Soze in the film) taking a picture of himself with a selfie stick, clicked into my mind!
It’ s been a real pleasure making this in a flash on my way down to Puglia to my next Art adventure. Stay tuned!

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