Author: flavio campagna


In the day of the 150th anniversary of Italy Indipendence I wanted to celebrate with a portrait of our national hero Giuseppe Garibaldi, the general that put it all together, our personal Che Guevara, somehow….

AMA OBAMA! God bless America

A tribute to my second but actually first homecountry…and to a hero everybody loved so much…how can you forget…and not give him a chance to keep pushing forward the toughest job in the world…Ama Obama it’s an italian words game that litterally means Love Obama…now more than ever we need to show if it was […]


This time I went religious… My inspiration was the little white piece of embrodery I saw in a religious paraphernalia Shop in the streets of Rome…how perfect as a stencil I thought!…(nerd!)…then I had to think of a portrait to go with…so who’s better than the antichrist himself, the nazi pope, the man taking the […]


These four new original pieces are now available for sale in here Check out the prices and send your order for immediate shipping anywhere before they sold out! Questi nuovi quattro pezzi originali sono ora in vendita su questo sito. Controllate i prezzi nella galleria e fate il vostro ordine per una spedizione immediata ovunque, […]

Another good day at Work in Rome

Another good day of solid Work in Rome, today I wanted to’ celebrate One of Italian most famous contemporary liberal writer: Roberto Saviano, One of my heroes.