Author: flavio campagna


Today my tribute goes to the greatest living italian journalist of today, in my modest opinion… Founder member of the italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano. His sharp analysis of italian political situation is always accurate, sarcastic and straight to the core!


Today after the weekend rest, I finished with a big F CK the Gaddafi piece, it was now time to F CK with Silvio, Berlusconi… With much pleasure…here is the work in progress! Limited Edition Unique Pieces available by order.

Day 3night

On my way back from the lovely indian diner I stumble into a couple of italian jewel then went back to’ my GAD TAG …

Rome, day three

Got go to another Belle Arti shop in Rome, while waiting was taking picture of the old 500 Fiat under the sign saying OGGI (today) got to get a picture of my new tag on my jacket… Got myself a new stencil politically uncorrect of the gaddafi madman… While killing all of his people he […]

Day Two in Rome

The thinning was wrong…cracked all the paint…went back to Prati and return it to the apologetic dealer… Back to Work …